Sr No. Auxitech Product Description
01 Auxisequest N Organo modify sequesterant for Ca++, Mg++, and other heavy metal irons.
02 Auxisequest A Highly effective demineralizer for difficult to eliminate heavy metal ions from cotton.
03 Auxisequest H An organic sequestrate with excellent chelating action on Ca++, Mg++, Iron and for the treatment of hard water.
04 Auxi's Mersol NC 100 Concentrated non cresylic mercerizing paste for cotton and its blends.
05 Auxi's Mersol NC 35 Performance oriented wetting agent for effective mercerization of cotton substrate.
06 Auxi's Mersol NC 20 Mercerizing wetting agent for cotton and its blends.
07 Auxi's P.K. An efficient killer of residual hydrogen peroxide.
08 Auxi's H.P.S. Non-silicate type peroxide stabilizer, no formation of silicate deposits, no equipment contamination.
09 Auxi's WOF Polymeric dispersant and protective colloid & washing off agent which prevents redeposition of washed dye on fabric.
10 Auxi's SOF Superior soaping agent for the dyed and printed material.
11 Auxi's LF Supra Low forming nonionic wetting agent & detergent for all types of fiber.
12 Auxi's LF -Cone. Special developed wetting cum emulsifying agent for HTHP, Soft Flow, Multi Flow, Jet & Winch machines.
13 Auxi's Uni Star Excellent low foam desizing, scouring, anti-redeposit and grease removing agent with excellent wetting power for cellulosic and their blends.
14 Auxi's Uni WAK Wetting agent, detergent for bleach bath additives for batch wise pretreatment and continuous immersion processes, APEO free.
15 Auxi's SR A state of art product, versatile stain remover cum scouring agent for the removal of oil, grease, carbon, waxes and rust stains applicable to cellulosic, synthetic & blended fabrics.
16 Auxi's OTL Anionic, powerful wetting & rewetting agent in liquid form.
17 Auxi's OTP Anionic, powerful wetting & rewetting agent as a transparent paste form.
18 Auxi Lube AC A Ultra Lubricating agent to prevent crease marks for fabrics and in rope form by reducing friction between fabric to fabric and fabric to machine.
19 Auxi Lube ACA Polymer based anticreasing & lubricating agent.
20 Auxi's D-paste An efficient wetting, scouring, dispersing agent with powerful emulsification properties with the extra benefit of fabric care Applicable to wool, cotton, synthetics & silk.
21 Auxi's FSN Versatile dye bath conditioner dispersant (protective colloid) and chelating agent for all stages in dyeing of textile made form cellulosic and blends.



Sr No. Auxitech Product Description
01 Auxifix DFA Formaldehyde based concentrated dye fixing agent for reactive and direct to improve wet & rubbing fastness.
02 Auxifix DFA NF A versatile zero formaldehyde dye fixing agent for improving washing, perspiration & staining properties.
03 Auxifix DFA 4F New generation specially developed economical & performance oriented dye fixative agent.
04 Auxifix CLA Cost effective leveling agent for dyeing of cellulosic.
05 Soda Magic Soda Ash substitute as an alkali donor for cotton processing with l/4 to 1/5 dosage.


Sr No. Auxitech Product Description
01 Texacid ECO Acetic acid substitute for polyester processing with Vi dosage.
02 Auxi's PLA It is a leveling agent for the high-temperature dyeing of polyester fibers. Blend of aliphatic esters, anionic & nonionic compounds.
03 Auxi's DAP High temperature stable super dispersant for polyester dyeing.
04 Auxi's RC 100 Very powerful/uniform & even weight reducing accelerator by improving penetration of caustic and hydosulphite of soda in man- made fiber.
05 Auxi's Loop ACE A highly effective fixation assistant and accelerator for use with disperse dyes in printing of polyester & nylon.
06 Auxi's ALL 01 Leveling, dispersing, pH buffer, deformer & sequestering agent for 100% polyester processing.


Sr No. Auxitech Product Description
01 Auxiprint Fixer XL Cross linking agent for fixing Pigment prints.
02 Auxibind DLN Pigment Printing Binder with good rubbing, washing fastness.
03 Auxibind L-4 Excellent pigment printing binder with good rubbing, washing fastness, shade is pure brilliant, no mesh blocking.
04 Auxibind ECO Eco friendly APEO free binder for pigment printing.
05 Auxi's K.B.I. Anionic print paste additive for improving fabric wetting & preventing froth formation.
06 Auxifix AG Sodium Alginate gum for reactive printing.
07 Auxifix RS Resist salt for reactive printing.


Sr No. Auxitech Product Description
01 Auxi's SNF 100% Non ionic. softener.
02 Auxi's N20 All-purpose ready to use non ionic softener.
03 Auxis SCF 100% Cationic softener for cotton and its blends, non yellowing in nature.
04 Auxi's C20 Non yellowing cationic softener for soft and full handle on cotton knits.
05 Auxi's KVS Resin reactant resin with built- in catalyst; used for imparting crease resistant finish to cotton viscose and their blends.
06 Auxi's FNR A durable full bodied resilient handle on cellulosic and synthetic/cellulose blended fabrics. It also improves resistance to thread slippage and pilling.
07 Auxi's KVS Polyethylene emulsion for improving tear strength and abrasion resistance for knits.
08 Auxi's EM Finishing Agent based on polyvinyl acetate dispersion.


Sr No. Auxitech Product Description
01 Auxisil 10X Micro amino silicon softener for cotton, polyester and blends.
02 Auxisil 30X Polysiloxane based silicon softener for soft and smooth finish.
03 Auxisil 60X Concentrated silicon softener for soft and supple finish for cellulosic, polyester and blends.
04 Auxisil DP Silicon based deformer.


Sr No. Auxitech Product Description
01 Auxizyme LT Alpha amylase enzyme for desizing application. (Low Temperature)
02 Auxizyme MT Alpha amylase enzyme for desizing application. (Medium Temperature)
03 Auxizyme HT Alpha amylase enzyme for desizing application. (High Temperature)
04 Auxizyme BPZ A fungal acid cellulose enzyme preparation produced by controlled fermentation and designed specially for biopolishing of denim garments.
05 Auxizyme PK Catalase, capable of breaking down hydrogen peroxide in to water and nascent oxygen and thus helps in removal of residual hydrogen peroxide after bleaching of fabric.
06 Auxizyme ECO-Z An ecological enzyme preparation used for reducing the BOD, COD Level as well as reducing in the sludge volume, order and color in the effluent and sewage treatment plants.


Sr No. Auxitech Product Description
01 Auxi s DFW High performance low foaming wetting agent for denims.
02 Auxi's PPA Excellent bleach activator for denims.
03 Auxi's D-SHINE Shining agent for denim garments.
04 Auxi's ABS Anti- Back staining agent for denims to prevent re-deposition of indigo dyes on denim garment.
05 Auxi's ALRA leveling agent designed for the application of acrylic dyes to cationic fibers specially in short cycle dyeing with excellent exhaustion & Retarding Properties.
06 MATRIX A state of art replacement of Titanium dioxide in Textile Printing.
07 Auxi's OWR Specialty polymer for water and oil repellent finish on knits.
08 Auxi's FR Flame Retardant Finish.